2012 and Earlier

Holly Angus – Passed 21st December 2012

Lee Shearer – Passed 19th December 2012

Sheena Cameron – Passed 13th December 2012

Dr Jennifer Murray- Passed 10th December 2012

Deborah Heron – Passed 6th December 2012

Shona Dempster – Passed 28th November 2012

No picture sorry !!

Gary Hynes- Passed 23rd November 2012

Iain Holt- Passed 22nd November 2012

No Picture

Billy Diamond – Passed 22nd November 2012

Jason Marshall – Passed 19th November 2012

Sean Docherty – Passed 12th November 2012

Declined Picture

Lisa McWilliams – Passed 9th November 2012

No Picture

David Urban – Passed 7th November 2012

No picture

Oisin Farrell – Passed 2nd November 2012

Paul Gorman – passed 31st October 2012

Paul McRae – Passed 31st October 2012

Stephen Perikleous- Passed 29th October 2012

Jason Harley -Passed 26th October 2012

Hunter Fairley- Passed 25th October 2012

Fiona Stewart – Passed 24th October 2012

Angela Bryson – Passed 10th October 2012

Kerry Gallagher – Passed 10th October 2012

Esau Gumisiriza – Passed 10th October 2012

William Beattie – Passed 9th October 2012

Neil Ferguson – Passed 5th October 2012

Scott Cochrane – Passed 1st October 2012

Michael Auld – Passed 28th September 2012

Jennifer Johnston – Passed 25th September 2012


Lily Mortimer – Passed 24th September 2012

No picture


Stuart Arnott- Passed 6th September 2012

Lindsay Ross – Passed 4th September 2012

Precious Chinyere – Passed 3rd September 2012

Louise Wilson – Passed 28th August 2012

Isaac Osbourne – Passed 23rd August 2012

Martin Mutazu – Passed 22nd August 2012

Maiachy Kerrin passed – 22nd August 2012

Stephen O’Connor – Passed 20th August 2012

Lona – Passed 18th August 2012

Rhian Beggs – Passed 17th August 2012

Anthony McQuaid – Passed 15th August 2012

Joseph Donnelly – Passed 7th August 2012

Michael Muggins – Passed 7th August 2012

Daniel Kirkpatrick – Passed 7th August 2012

Angelo Picozzi – Passed 2nd August 2012

I saw your company on the web and saw that it was close to my work. I would recommend TX Driver Training to friends and family . They were very professional.

(Sorry no picture as pupil camera shy)

Lesley Green – Passed 31st July 2012


Christopher Watson – Passed 31st July 2012

Pinar Tasti – Passed 30th July 2012

Nicole McMullan – Passed 26th July 2012

Dale Paterson – Passed 23rd July 2012

Moyeez Sheikh – Passed 19th July 2012

Lindsay Hughes – Passed 18th July 2012

Gladys Githwe – Passed 18th July 2012

I choose TX Driver Training as on checking the internet i wanted intensive driving lessons and TX Driver Training were cheaper than the rest. I would certainly recommend to friends and family. My instructor David was the most patient person i have met and quite encouraging after failing so manu times but he still kept me going.He was always punctual and never cancelled any lessons.

Harry McKechnie – Passed 13th July 2012

Cheryl Dickson – Passed 13th July 2012

Deborah Ann Flockhart – Passed 28th June 2012

I choose TX Driver Training as i wanted to pass quickly and others i know had recommended TX Driver Training to me. I had a fantastic experience with TX Driver Training even though it took me many attempts to get there ,without Gus (my instructor) i would have most likely given up.Gus pushed me to go further till i passed. I would recommend to anyone.

Danielle Martin – passed 4th July 2012

I choose TX Driver Training as my best friend passed her test with them around 3 years ago. I also wanted to do an intensive course as i felt i wasn’t picking up enough doing single lessons elsewhere. My instructor was Gus who provided a professional and friendly service. I was quite nervous when i started my lessons but Gus stayed calm and had lots of patience, which in turn calmed my nerves. I would definately recommend to friends and family.

Alan, Glasgow – Passed April 2012

Just to say many thanks once again for the service provided last week, very pleased to have passed first time and gus was extremely helpful for the duration of the course.

Will definitely recommend to others!

Cheers again,

Ross, Glasggow – Passed April 2012

TX Driver Training Thank you very much for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Christopher, Glasgow – Passed March 2012

Before beginning an intense course I had never driven a car before and felt very nervous before my first lesson. But once I was in the car the instructor put me at ease and ran through everything i needed to know. The training was excellent and I passed my test first time. I am really greatful for the work lynn and gus put in and thanks for helping me pass my test.

Ellen, Glasgow – Passed September 2011

Kevin – Just to say a big thankyou for all your help over the last few months. Couldn’t have passed without your teaching and patience!!

Davie, Glasgow – Passed September 2011

Passed my test today. Many thanks for all your help.

Shadow, Glasgow- Passed August 2011

TX Driving School many thanks for your patience especially boss man (Gus) who devoted his time to me to pass my practical test. Once again Thanks a lot.

Kirsty,Glasgow – Passed February 2011

The TX driver Training Team- Thanks for helping me pass my driving test ! For your patience and hardwork. Thank you.

Avril,Glasgow – Passed July 2010

avril wishes to thank everyone at the best school in glasgow for their patience and tuition (i passed yes yes yes)

Brian, Paisley – Passed May 2010

Thanks to everyone at TX, especially John who ensured I passed my test first time. My director gave me a deadline to pass my test which I had to do to ensure I get a company car. If I failed I would not have got a company car for another 2 years. I was very conscience about this, but John’s patience and experience helped my standard of driving shoot up in the limited lessons I had. John was not shy to point out every small fault of my driving. It might have seemed annoying at the time, but this ensured I pass my test, and I am very grateful of this. I would/will recommend John and TX to any friend, family or colleague wishing to pass their test. Not to mention that any dealings I had with the administrative staff at TX were also very pleasant.

Brian Cherry – Passed 1st time on 4th May 2010 after weekend intensive course.

Jethro, Glasgow – Passed April 2010

Further to my call, I was just looking to express my thanks and gratitude to instructor , who managed to get me from a total novice driver to passing my test in a week. It’s something I thought I couldn’t do so I was delighted with the tuition and help I received from my instructor.

He used his experience to calmly get me through the test although I thought I was running out of time to get to the required standard. And I passed first time which seems nothing short of a miracle to me. I will certainly be back in touch to take one of your Pass Plus courses in the near future.

Derek, Glasgow – Passed March 2010

“Just to say Gus best instructor in Glasgow.Thank you and Staff very much.”

Martin, Glasgow – Passed February 2010

Before taking on the course i was very nervous and apprehensive about driving, within minutes of getting in the car with my instructor i felt extremely comfortable and relaxed. I felt that all my lessons were very beneficial and explained very well. I would recommend tx driver training to anyone wishing to pass their test with professionals. Thanks again to John, Gus and Lynn for all their help, patience and encouragement. “

Scott, Glasgow – Passed February 2010

I am very happy with the service provided to me and at the end of the day the result I needed was achieved, thanks to the staff within your company”

Ann , Paisley – Passed February 2010

“Just wanted to say Thanks to John for getting me through my test. His teaching was always consistent, he was patient and constructive. It took me a few goes but my instructor encouraged me to not give up. Thanks again. ”

Kerry, Glasgow – Passed February 2010

Excellent company with friendly instructors who really put you at ease. Administrative side of things was great too – all you have to worry about is learning to drive! Will recommend to friends.”

Louise. Glasgow – Passed January 2010

Would just like to say a big THANK YOU!! to TX for helping me achieve a pass first time….with special thanks to my instructor,couldnt have done it without you! xxx

Clair, Glasgow – Passed December 2009

“A big Thank you in helping me to achieve my biggest dream.”

Lucy, Glasgow – Passed November 2009

I would highly recommend everyone to learn to drive with TX driver training. Thanks so much to my instructor for their time and patience, this enabled me to pass first time and with confidence”

Thank you!

Johnathon, Cumbernauld – Passed October 2009

I passed my test at the end of october. I would just like to thank my ionstructor and TX driving school for excellent training which made me pass my test first time. I cant stress enough how worthwhile it was doing this course, especially to my instructor for all her hard work and listening to me moaning.

Kenny, Glasgow – Passed October 2009

“Thank you very much for all your help.”

Ian,Glasgow – Passed July 2009

“Thank you for a great experience nerves and all. I had a ball. Thanks for making my dream come true. Keep up the good work. Thanks a million”

Shadow, Glasgow – Passed June 2009

“TX Driving School – Thanks a lot you have made my day by helping me to pass my driving test.”

Aisha, Glasgow – Passed June 2009

“Thanks for your patience Gus and believing in me when i didn’t! Passed first time on an intensive course.

Brian, Glasgow – Passed April 2009

“I would like to thank everyone,especially my instructor ,for the first class tuition I received during my intensive driving course.I passed first time and this was due to the high standards and expectations of the instructor. Thanks again .”

Danielle, Glasgow – Passed February 2009

“Thanks TX Driver Training for getting me through my driving test.(Especially John and Valerie).”

Fiona, Glasgow – Passed February 2009

“Lynn,Gus and Frances – Thank you all so much for your encouragement,patience and support in getting me through the driving test.”

Margaret Ann, Glasgow – Passed September 2008

“Thank you for all your time and effort.”