Preparing For Your Intensive Driving Lessons

Preparing For Your Intensive Driving Lessons

Intensive Driving Lessons in Glasgow with TX Driver Training

Before your course:

It is best spending some time preparing for when you begin your intensive driving lessons. You will be learning to drive in just a week or two (depending on the length of your course). You will get a lot more out of the course and will find things easier if you do some preparation before you start.

Firstly, you will need to make sure you have no other commitments during the length of your course. You will be driving for many hours every day that you are on the course, and you will probably find that very tiring. Do not try and do other things in the evening as you will need to use this time to relax after your intensive driving lesson.

Secondly, use as much time as you can before your crash course starts just being a passenger. Observe as much as you can during this time. It doesn’t matter if you are seated near the front of a bus or are a passenger in a car. Keep an eye on the road ahead and see what is happening. Check out how far ahead of a junction or a roundabout does the driver start to slow down. Observe what they are doing when they move away from a junction. If you can, look at the drivers face as they are about to overtake someone – do they look in the mirrors and which ones are they looking at? This might make the driver a little nervous, but you will notice that you can start to observe behaviour patterns and road-craft that will assist you when you are in the driving seat.

Thirdly, know the highway code. This book offers guidance on all aspects of road use, whether you are a car driver, cyclist or even a pedestrian. It contains the rules of the road. You can ask friends and family members to quiz you on the contents, and keep revising so that you retain the knowledge. Whilst the highway code will help you with your theory test, that is not its only purpose. It contains information that will help you in nearly everything that you will encounter in your day to day driving. Knowing the highway code will never be a waste of time.

During your course:

Make sure that you are ready on time. You don’t want to waste any time on such a short course by being late. Make sure that you pay attention to your instructor. Their job is to assist you in learning to drive as safely as you can, and also to enable you to pass your driving test. There is a purpose to everything that they are telling you.

You must also ensure that if you don’t understand something that you make sure to let your instructor know. This also goes for something that you feel you need to practice more or are just a bit nervous about. This will help your driving instructor to tailor your intensive driving course to your individual needs, making sure that you get everything you need out of your course.

Make sure that you are getting lots of rest and are drinking enough water to enable you to maintain your concentration and getting the maximum benefit from your course.

Try and enjoy your intensive driving lessons! Hopefully this will be the only time that you will need to take an intensive driving course, so savour the experience. It shouldn’t be long before you pass your driving test and have your full driving licence, enabling you to drive on the road on your own. That is definitely something to look forward to!

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