How To Choose A Good Driving School

How To Choose A Good Driving School

Learning to drive can be tough and expensive, so it is important to find an instructor and driving school that can teach you well for a reasonable price. Each time you get behind the wheel of a car you have the lives of everybody around you as well as your own in your hands. This is not a skill you want to skimp on or not understand fully.

Most importantly, your driving instructor must be registered with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). Only DSA Approved Driving Instructors should be chosen for your driving lessons.  An ADI instructor is not yet fully qualified but is permitted to work at a driving school and teach student drivers. If you choose an ADI as your instructor, you will likely get some level of discount on the hourly rate for lessons. The ADI will receive his full license after completing three qualifying exams, which will make him a DSA licensed instructor.

As with any other service, you should shop around when looking for a driving instructor or school. Ask for recommendations from friends and family, read reviews, and compare prices. You should not, however, base your decision on the price alone or the discounts you are offered  if an instructor’s hourly rate is much lower than the competition, you should be wary and do some research to find out why he is asking for so much less than his peers. If you are looking for a specialist  an instructor that specializes in exceptionally nervous drivers or older drivers, for instance  you may be able to narrow your driving school down with those specifications.

When meeting with an instructor, you should first ask his grade the standard of instruction is regularly checked by DSA by a DSA Supervising Examiner sitting in on a live lesson. The instructor is then graded with a 4 (competent), 5 (good), or 6 (very high standard). Other good questions to ask your instructor include if you will have the same car each lesson, how long lessons are, what the pass rate is, if the instructor smokes, which test center will be used, and how much lessons cost. There are plenty of other questions to ask your instructor or the school  all questions are good questions, and you will certainly have needs different from your peers you may prefer a male or female instructor or one that speaks a language other than English, for example. The more you know about your potential school and instructors, the more easily you will be able to make an informed decision.

After you choose your instructor, sit down with him and make a realistic plan for both of your expectations. Learning to drive is a serious endeavor and you must do everything in your power to learn how to do  safely. Try not to “block book,” even if you are offered a discount. Many schools and instructors offer discounts for booking several sessions at once and paying for them in advance. By paying for sessions individually at first, you can become more familiar with your instructor and learn if he or she really is the right person for you. This will ensure you have an instructor that shows up on time, is responsible, helps you feel like you are making progress, and builds a good relationship with you.