How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need?

How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need?

That depends. There isn’t an easy answer to this and no two people are the same. If you have had some previous driving experience, then you will probably need fewer lessons than someone who has never been behind the wheel of a car.

There are some who have only needed as little as ten lessons with their driving instructor, because they have already started learning with family or friends. There are others who through nerves or other reasons take years to learn to drive. The average is reckoned to be about forty hours of lessons with a qualified driving instructor and around twenty hours additional practising with friends and family. You might need more, or you might need less.

It is worth bearing in mind that when you pass your test you are allowed to drive on your own in a car that weighs at least a tonne and that can travel at speeds in excess of seventy miles an hour! When you learn to drive it is not just about passing your driving test as quickly as possible. Your driving instructor is also responsible for teaching you to drive safely and confidently. It makes sense to possibly have a few more lessons and pass your driving test, knowing that you are a safe and confident driver. The alternative could be failing your test or even not being a safe driver and having a higher likelihood of causing an accident.

Some things that might affect the number of lessons you need:-

  • If you mainly have your driving lessons at rush hour in the city centre then you might need a few more lessons. At these times you might spend longer than average sitting in traffic rather than driving at normal speeds. You will have less time to practice your manoeuvres and learn to read the road.
  • The further you live from the test centre the less practice you might get on the test routes. You might need a few extra lessons as you will be spending a bit more of your lesson driving to and from the area covered by the test centre.
  • If you are a nervous driver then you will probably need more lessons. If you are not completely confident of each step then it will take longer before you move onto the next step. More of your lesson time will be spent going over material that has already been covered and your driving instructor will be spending more time reassuring you.
  • If you are a learner driver who doesn’t have the chance to practice between your lessons then you might need more lessons than those who can get this opportunity. If you don’t get the chance to drive between your driving lessons then you might need to spend a bit of time at the beginning of each lesson recapping the last lessons before you can move on to any new points.
  • For some people it may be possible that they pick up bad habits whilst driving under the supervision of family and friends. This could lead to more time being spent by your driving instructor undoing this damage. In cases like these it might mean that more lessons will be needed.
  • Learner drivers who often ride a bike on the road, or even are regularly spending time in the front passenger seat of a car might need fewer lessons. They should have a better understanding of the rules of the road and have more experience to read the road ahead.
  • If you can have more than one lesson each week this should help to reduce the number of driving lessons that you need. You should need less time to recap your previous lessons as there will be a reduced time to forget what you have previously learned.

There isn’t any easy way of knowing how many driving lessons you will need before you start to drive. A good way to help you prepare for your driving lessons is to pay attention to how other people drive when you are out and about. Also, learn the highway code as this will serve you in good stead in knowing the rules of the road, and it will also give you a head start in preparing for your theory test.